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Keep It Simple, Stupid (2010)

Simple grunge, punk and shoegaze.

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Nick Dickies


Hello, I'm Nick Dickies, a nickname because of the shirts I used to wear. Thanks for visiting my page!I've got years of experience doing music in a wide spectrum of genres and sounds: from electro, dnb and prog rock to doom metal. A lot of songs I do can be too complex and have taken too much time, so I'm doing this challenge to improve my workflow.For this February I want to write and record some cool, simple yet still catchy songs. They're gonna be speedy noisy rock songs (grunge, punk, shoegaze) that uphold the K.I.S.S. principle: Keep It Simple, Stupid. Hmmm... I think I'll name my album that, "Keep It Simple, Stupid"!

Nick Dickies: Writing, guitars, bass, vocals, drums, production. Weapon of choice: PRS SE Custom.



Completed Albums

Keep It Simple, Stupid(2010)

Simple grunge, punk and shoegaze.

Son of the Soup Cans (Intro)   Download
He's Wearing a Bra   Download
It's Your Ass (That Makes You Look Fat)   Download
Live at Nicks Bedroom   (preferred)   Download
Underwear Vending Machine (Piano Interlude)   Download
Wake Up in Shame   Download
Dishwasher Superstar   Download
We Never Sank (So Low) (a 5 Minute Song)   Download
Truce Queen   Download